Brush Blitz

If you’re one of those people who wash their makeup brushes once a week then you’re lying. End of. It’s possibly the most avoided task ever but my god once you do it. I’m in LOVE with what seems/feels like my new brushes.

I bought this product called the Makeup Brush Cleanser, and tbh its been sitting in my drawer for about a year but besides that, I tried it out the other day and I was amazed at the results. I wasn’t expecting much with it only being a couple of pounds but seriously, it was SO easy and SO satisfying to do.

So a mini how-to; squirt 2-3 pumps onto the (dry) brushes and then you literally just rub it into some toilet roll, a towel or whatever you want to get your dirty make up all over. It was crazy how easily all my make up came out the brushes and as you can see by the results it did an amazing job at cleaning them! Just keep re-applying the spray until no excess comes off, or in my case, the brushes change colour lol.

Here’s a snap…

Real Techniques Eye Brushes
Before and after

.. amazing I know

I highly recommend this product and if you have any cleaning tips please let me know!! Thanks for reading.


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