Highlighter Heaven

Highlighter is just one of those things that you don’t know how you lived without. It’s a game changer in the makeup world and knowing which ones to use is essential.

SO, here I am gonna share with you my most loved highlighters which most definitely deserve a space in your makeup drawer. Don’t worry, the pictures are coming!

No.1 – Becca Highlight.

In no other than ‘Champagne Pop’ of course. This highlighter is literally whole other level stuff and each time I use it I am STILL surprised at the shine it gives. It’s an investment, an amazing investment that no soul deserves to live without. I don’t use this highlight for day wear as it’s just tooooo good, you gotta save it so you look extra poppin’ in the night time at meals, in clubs, wherever you go or whatever you do – this stuff lasts.

No.2 – theBalm.

In the shade ‘Mary Lou Manizer’ as I’ve not got round to checking out their other highlights, this stuff is insane. And the best bit? Its actually affordable. For a drugstore product you’ll be amazed at this, it lasts all day and it really does give an amazing glow. A perfect gift idea for a friend or a mini treat for yourself – your secrets safe with me.

No.3 – Mac Mineralize Skinfinish.

Of course in the shade ‘soft and gentle’. This is old but gold, a classic in the history of highlighters and one I absolutely adore. You can wear this highlight softly during the day, or go full on glam and whip on about 10 layers – you’ll be poppin’ girl. I love how build-able it is and its versatility makes it the perfect highlighter choice.


Flash on, excuse the mess!

I do have the cream Nars Illuminator in the shade ‘orgasm’, but I must admit I’ve never really got on with liquid highlighters – I can never seem to do them. However when swatching it, it’s an absolute dream. I tend to use this on my body e.g. collarbones and shoulders, for a night out and I love it – just haven’t quite figured out the face bit yet. Will keep you updated.

The best tips I have on how to get the best highlight include: always setting your face before you apply, so use, for example, the UD ‘All Nighter‘ setting spray, apply the highlight, and then spray again. This way the product really sticks to the skin and makes it more glowy – don’t worry if too much, just go over with your foundation brush and that’ll calm it down. Another trick is to use a fan brush to apply. This way you can perfectly build the highlight without putting too much on (happens to me all the time) and without it forming a solid line on your face. Have a look at my fave brushes for some inspiration!

I’d love to know your highlighter faves?? Thanks so much for reading, and remember to subscribe so you don’t miss my uploads!


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