Product Preach – Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

Hey hey hey, back again. So, I’ve recently fell in love with this powder from Laura Mercier, although the start of our relationship had been kinda rocky… I just had to share it with you!

I got this powder for christmas, and its taken till now to realise how amazing it is – I know I know, awful. You see, I only ever used this product if I was going out and I would use it to ‘bake’ (whether I was doing it right I have no idea lol I just copied the videos lol) and that, THAT, is where I was going wrong. With using it at night time I never realised how good it actually was.

So the real love story started when I applied it in the morning, before work as I was going for a meal after, and my GOD. I’m an oily girl, by 12 I NEED to powder, but not that day, nahuuuh. I was honestly amazed by how well the powder had soaked up all the oils, and how my makeup still looked flawless despite being on since 8 in the morning – an actual miracle.


To apply I used a dry beauty blender and literally just dab it everywhere – btw, I do this after I’ve applied my foundation and concealer, and once powdered I do my counter/blush and highlight etc. I usually leave it to soak in for just under a minute (or until I’m bored) then I brush it all off with a big loose brush – aaaand wallah girl u finito.

I honestly feel awful and ashamed it has taken me this long to love this powder, it makes the perfect matte and flawless finish and actually sticks your foundation in place, something I’ve found so hard to find.

Although slightly expensive at £29, you get a lot of product, and it is just so worth it, especially if you are naturally oily. You’ll not have to worry about being shiny ever again! Well… if that didn’t persuade ya I don’t know what will loool, honestly 10/10 product and one I most definitely suggest you invest in!

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Till next time..


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