Zoeva Brushes…

Excited is not a word I would use when coming home to a little box from a big name – Zoeva.

SO, when where and why.

Sunday night, Cult Beauty, and because Zoeva.

I’ve always wanted Zoeva brushes and with the convincingness of Laura (sis) I went for it, although it didn’t take much convincing. I went for the Rose Golden Complete Eye Set, as the silver ones were out of stock (they’re £5 cheaper), however I’m literally in love with the colour, plus they compliment my real techniques bold metal brushes perfectly.

So I’ll not deprive you any longer, heres some snaps of my new faves (if only they still looked brand new lol cry)

Zoeva Eye Set collection
How prettyyy
Zoeva Eye Set
Excuse the nails
Zoeva makeup bag
Amazing bag for amazing brushes
Zoeva upclose
Some more pretty

I must admit I’m not quite sure what to do with all these brushes lol, theres about three for the crease?? If anyone can help me out here please do. BUT  I honestly believe that these brushes make SUCH a difference. Eyeshadow is most definitely not my forte, however I genuinely love how my eyeshadow turns out when using these brushes (very much a new thing). These brushes are expensive, but you’ve gotta think of it like an investment. Plus if you buy them as the complete set it works out at about £3.50 a brush – so you know, it would be rude not too..

Honestly, I couldn’t rate these brushes enough. If you’ve been thinking about buying them then just do it, they are sooo worth it! Plus the feeling of regret goes away once they arrive anyway lol.

Thanks for reading!


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