A week in Tenerife

Hey! So, I’ve recently came back from a week in Tenerife, it was my first time going and I loved it! I would definitely go back and recommend it to anyone.

This was my first holiday away with the boy (Al) Рall on our own. So, of course, we started in style with prosecco in the airport and then it turned into vodkas on the plane.. BUT can I just add, the prosecco was sooo expensive Р£9.95 a glass. Total rip off, but it tasted good heee.

Arriving in the hotel was amazing: free champagne, bags taken and the nicest hotel room. We stayed in the Sensimar Arona Gran Hotel and booked via Tomsons‘, all of which I’d do again, no complaints.

I would give you a day by day list of what we did but we did nothing lol. I had only just finished my A-levels the Tuesday¬†before (eep) and Al is just lazy, so we decided that this was gonna be a chill holiday. However, we did have two amazing days out, which I’ll get to. The only complaint of where we stayed (Los Cristianos) was that the beach wasn’t the best, with being black sand and just generally rocky. But personally I didn’t mind this as the hotel had two pools and I literally hate sand, so if you’re looking for a beach holiday in Tenerife I would avoid this area.

Day one on the holiday whilst sitting around the pool we discovered the average age in the hotel was about 70. But I wasn’t complaining as that bikini body that I said I was gonna get never happened lol, shock. So what better way to make yourself feel better than to be surrounded by oldies.

One of my fave parts of the holiday was the games that the hotel did. I became a table tennis pro, was severely attacked/dunked/splashed by the rep in water basketball (thanks Jella) and we did french boules on the beach each morning. Definitely wasn’t my fave because you won free cocktails…

I guess you can’t really go to Tenerife without going to Siam Park. So we went to Siam park. Apart from the queues (would deffo recommend queue jump) it was amazing. Terrifying, but amazing. My favourite being their new ride called Singha, which apart from screaming the whole way through on, would so do again. The food was super good, which is an essential obvs, we got 3 hotdogs and 2 chips heeeee. The park also had the most insane pool which literalllly looked like a beach (I’ve inserted a pic), what made it even better was the fact that it was a wave pool, and the waves were honestly about 5m high. So fun.

Another trip we did was a dolphin and whale boat tour on the Freebird. Upon arrival we got free cava and obvs a mini photoshoot. The boat was a catamaran and it had all inclusive food and drink – I could not complain (free San Miguel on tap thanqq). We saw so many cute whales and at the end jumped into the sea. It was the best day and one I highly recommend you do.

Below are a few of my favourite snaps we took..

Al and I
Dancing Fountains
Pilot Whales
Cocktail O’clock
Tenerife's Siam Park
The MASSIVE wave pool at Siam Park

Sadly thats our week over. I had the best time with the best boy and I’m gutted it’s all finished. But don’t stress, we have Menorca coming up soon!

If you got to the end, thank you! I hope you enjoyed.


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