Edinburgh on a budget (kinda)

Our annual trip to Edinburgh arrived (Al and mines) but this year after paying for our holiday we weren’t able to go all out. SO, we had a cheaper day, but also the most amazing day.

I love Edinburgh, I feel the city has such a buzz to it, filled with tourists and street acts – it’s hard not to love. This was our fourth time going (eeeek) and the first time where I could legally drink – always a bonus lol. As a result we decided rather than doing something such as the Zoo, or the Castle, which are generally quite expensive, lets just get hammered on a cocktail crawl thanqqq.

We arrived at 1pm, and by 1:30pm we had found our lunch spot. After looking on Tripadvisor we decided we wanted to go to a place called ‘Ting Thai Caravan‘ and it was honestly amazing (photo below). The vibe was quite ‘studenty’, so not a romantic meal. The staff’s uniform were dungarees which I thought were amaze and they were all so friendly. We ordered waaay too much food (pic below doesn’t include the sides we got soz). At around £6 a meal, which were MASSIVE, it was great value. Al had the Massandra curry which was honestly incredible, one of the best meals I’ve had in ages. BUT mine came in the cute Chinese box – so it ok heee.


Once lunch was over we walked down the Golden Mile where we were drawn in by this one act. 1 hour later without realising the time we were still there lol – and he hadn’t even done anything yet. This is such a good way to enjoy yourself without paying a fortune, further into summer Edinburgh hold the ‘Fringe Festival‘ which packs out the Golden mile with hundreds of acts, so I’d definitely recommend that.

3:30pm – cocktail time. Of course, kinda on a budget here, we search for the 2 for 1s. First stop – Las Iguanas. First of all if you haven’t already you need to try the ‘Mango Colins’ cocktail. Amazing. I love Las Iguanas, perfect for drinks and food. Second stop – Tigerlily. This was the most insane place ever (cocktail I got was horrific tho – never let your boyfriend choose your drink). Besides that, the decor was so amazing, and I highly recommend it – perfect for a special night out.

Here’s some pics..

Las Iguanas ‘Mango Colins’
Me & my Pina Colada!

By this time, somehow, we had talked and drank our way to 7 o’clock and with the train at 8 we needed to make one very important stop. McDonalds. 20 chicken nuggets, 2 double burgers and a large fries later – we head to Sainsbury’s. Whats a train journey without wine?

9:30pm we’re back in Newcastle, and by 10:30pm I’m fast asleep leaving Al and my dad alone watching Animal Planet loool.

I had the most amazing day, and I love how we continue our tradition. Edinburgh is an amazing place all year round and if you haven’t already been, go! Before I forget, I wanted to apologise for the absence of an outfit pic (Als fault grr). But this is what I wore. I normally style these with some gladiator sandals, but instead I went for some casual cream Nike trainers – I know they don’t go but comfort is key amma right?

Thanks so much for reading, and I’m sure this wont be the last Edinburgh blog!


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