Girl to Grown up: A-Z Guide Part 1

So with starting a new job I can no longer be that chill out girl who just plods along – I have to be a full on grown up, with near constant ‘adulting’ – trust me it’s been hard. I thought there would be many sharing the whole ‘adult’ struggle, especially with uni starting so I thought I would share some of my tips on how to ‘act’ grown up.

A – act like you know what you’re doing. Whether it’s the washing, the ironing or the post – fake it till you make it sista. I find myself doing something and hoping for the best waaay too often but it’s good enough for now ok!!

B – boring. Be boring. Save that money, miss that night out – your future you will thank you one day. Plus being a ‘grown up’ is boring anyway right??

C – clean. Be clean. Because what kind of adult is dirty? Biggest giveaway = smelly pits, smelly house, smelly couch.

D – declutter. I don’t know about you but when my rooms a bombshell I feel awful, unorganised and unprepared. Decluttering is the key to acting grown up as with a clear room comes a clear head.

E – everything is going to be fine. Mums, dads, grandmas and uncles never seem to stress and they’re grown ups so makes sense right? With age comes wisdom, wrinkles and worryless nights – when one adults one has no time to get caught up in the small things.

F – food above all else. Food is essential and you’ll soon discover when you’re skint nothing makes you happier then knowing there’s some chicken in the fridge.

G – get groovy. Someones gotta disgrace their friends.

H – happiness. It has nothing to do with anyone else, just you. If you can do your own washing you can make your own happiness.

I – be inquisitive. You aren’t a grown up if you don’t haggle the Vodafone guy on the price of your contract, or ask what looks good with what. Asking questions gets you a good deal, and if that’s not what you’re searching for – you’re doing it wrong.

J – join a club. Cos’ nothing shouts ‘grown up’ like being in a club.

K – kill em’ with kindness. Being a grown up consists of being kind, so be kind – it will get you a lot further with whatever you do.

L – love everyone. Grown ups are full of love as they’ve realised that the world is rubbish enough. Spread that lurvvvv everywhere.

M – make memories. No one wants a boring grandma.

Grown up gifs

I say these tips with no clue as to whether they work but why not give it a try eh. As a newbie to adulting I’m sure I will have much better advice and a much better knowledge of what on earth we’re all getting ourselves into soon enough, but for now you must wait for part 2.

Thanks for reading and give me blog ideas I have none! I had a good one the other day, you can read here heheh 😉


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