Girl to Grown up: A-Z Guide Part 2

As promised, here we are with the rest of the ‘Girl to Grown up’ guide! Hopefully this will help you pretend you know what you’re doing and will give you reassurance that none of us have a clue either.

Lets begin!!

N – never underestimate the power of good shoes, good hair and good bags. A girl GROWN UP needs all of these very important things to fulfil their needs, like feeling sassy and looking good.


O – only go out for lunch/buy it on the go if it’s on a weekend. An adult is organised. An adult does not ‘pretend’ to forget to make her lunch for the week because she can’t be bothered. Cook that pasta, prep those meals and save that money.

P – parallel parking never gets easier. Don’t attempt and avoid at all costs.

Q – quality over quantity – always. Whether its shoes, boys or bags, the best is always better than a few basics.

R – reaching out is always appreciated. Don’t get caught up in the chaos of day-to-day life, make the effort and reach out to those you love, life is short and you don’t know whats going to happen.

S – save money. Those shoes, that house, his watch, and your sofa isn’t going to buy itself. Reserve then indulge on the things that matter, not food or things you don’t need. Always ask yourself, do I love it and do I need it – you’ll save yourself a fortune.

T – take notes. On everything. Your mothers lasagne, your bosses favourite shop. Everything matters. Be observant.


U – utilise what you have. You won’t get anywhere professionally or personally if you don’t make the most of what you’ve already got, so make those calls, find that old book and make the most of it. Be impressive.

V – vigilance is key. If you don’t look you wont find – and vigilance can cover everything from looking in the sales to working out what time Tesco puts out its reduced items. It pays to be vigilant.

W – work hard. You aren’t going to get what you want by sitting on your arse.

X – an ‘x’ = bad. Whether it’s an incorrect answer or that psycho you used to call your boyfriend, strive for the best, and keep the ‘X’ out of your life, because, who needs that kind of negativity.


Y – you. You are the only one who matters, so go give yourself a pamper and spoil yourself every now and then. Ones soul needs luxury on occasion – don’t deprive it too much.

Z – zebra print works wanders. Buy your zebra bags.

Flabbergasted? Me too. (Why is ‘x’ even a thing?! loool). I mean, take it from someone who knows little and holds minimal experience, if seals are made to adult, so can you – or you can at least pretend during the hours of 9-5.

Well, I hope this guide has bought you everything you expected from it, and if you’ve just arrived – hello, look at part 1 of my guide here. I also hope you enjoyed these gifs as much as I do lol.

Let me know what you think and any hacks you have to surviving adulthood and all of its terribly dull responsibilities. Till next time..


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