Life Update

So, with just finishing my A-levels I have been in somewhat of a limbo recently, however I am now sorted and on track to what I want to be doing – hence the update.

17th August – Results day.

The dreaded day had came – way quicker than I thought, and after reading all the articles ‘grades plummeted’, ‘universities declining more students than ever’, I was terrified. However, I had a MASS sigh of relief once opening them. I received a ‘B’ in English and History and a Distinction* in Business – not the ‘A’ I wanted but – I GOT IN.

I had applied to the University of Leeds to do Business Management. I love business, and I aspire to be one of those sassy business ladys who just werk it, so I thought this was the perfect course, and what better place to become that then in Leeds?

Life update
Future me lol

So, I seem pretty set yah? Naaaahuh. Things got spiced up when I completed some work experience at an accounting firm called Ernst and Young.

I knew I wanted to work in a business like EY, so I made sure I impressed – dressed smart, asked questions and showed my interest. All of which are the key factors to making a good impression – which is vital in the business world.

Long story short, they offered me a job and I am sOOOO super happy about it!! I will be working in their data analytics department starting September and ending in May. I cannot wait to see what the future brings.

I’ve always been meh on the whole uni thing, and the thought of freshers week my god, no lets just not. I am really happy with my decision and I think it will be an amazing opportunity. I honestly couldn’t recommend this company enough from the experience I’ve had with them already, so if you are like me and  are unsure on the whole university thing go get yourself some experience with them – unis not for everyone. I learned so much in just 1 week at the company and I am so glad I did it, although daunting, it was a great confidence booster and insight into the company. EY and so many other businesses offer hundreds of opportunities that you just neeeeed to take!

My blog will and always be my favourite past time so fear not, I ain’t going anywhere – I just wanted to update you and keep you in the loop! However I am going to be a lot more busy, but obvs I will try my best to continue to post regularly.

Other than that it’s the same old with me, so I’ll see ya round 😀


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