Memories in Menorca

Hey guys, so I’ve recently got back from a week in Menorca with Al plus his mum and dad, and it was amaaaaazing. Unfortunately it’s my last holiday of the year (cry), but it was definitely one I wont forget.

04:15am – wake up time. Yes, this was somewhat of a nightmare, but I guess it was worth it hee. At the airport I got the obligatory Burger King, as it would be rude not to despite it being a totally unsuitable time.

We arrived at about 11:30 ish, which was so nice as it meant we still had the whole day there, and we headed straight for the tapas place – traditions… This was my second time coming to Menorca and it was Als’ 6th looool. It was really nice going back to a familiar place because as soon as you get there you’re settled, plus the waiters remembered us which was super cute.

In terms of doing stuff this was a pretty chilled holiday, we lay by the pool or went to the beach to snorkel most the time, and in the evenings sat and watched the entertainment (they had ABBA lol).


On Friday we went to Ciutadella, which is a much bigger area, filled with shops, markets and of course cocktail places. I love Ciutadella, the streets are so quirky and authentic – my idea of heaven. We met some friends there for lunch which was lovely, and then we wandered down to the river where all the mini boats were. If you ever go to Menorca you should definitely try out Ciutadella, it’s an amazing place and cheap to get to!



Like my outfit??? Go check my OOTD holiday edition blog out!

One of my fave nights was when me and Al went to the beach at the night time. The previous year we had knocked two coins into this tree on the beach so we were dying to see if they were still there, and… they were!!!! So happy. And of course, as thats our tree, we got our annual photo there.


Another highlight of the holiday was when we walked to the next bay along named ‘Cala Mitjana’ – the views were INSANE. I honestly have never been so in love with a place. We perked up by the ‘cliffs’ and jumped off, super scary but super fun. Whilst in the literal crystal blue sea we did loads of snorkeling with our ‘Triboard masks‘, which I honestly can’t recommend enough. I cannot snorkel with the typical snorkels at all, however with the Triboard it is so easy, you don’t even need to think about it. It was amazing to see the sea and all the little fish that live there whilst being able to talk to Al and not panic about my breathing or anything – you just swim.


Now, if you know me, you’ll know I am completely and utterly obsessed with my spaghetti bolognese. And where we stayed does the BEST ever (and I’ve tried a fair few spag bols). I think in total I had at least 4 spaghetti bolognese out of the 7 days there – lol no shame. It’s just too good not to.


On the last night me and Al, sick of drinking, decided to play some mini golf, which was AMAZING. I loved it. It was one of those things you’d wished you’d done more of but hey ho, at least we tried it! Now, I’m not gonna tell you who won because, well, it wasn’t me lol. But still a good game – and I didn’t lose by too much… lol.

I had the best time on holiday, and it was a very special one for many reasons. I’ll not forget the memories we made, and we will most definitely be going back.

Before I leave I’ll let you see a couple more snaps – my instas covered with them if ya still feeling nosey lol.



Thank you for reading, let me know of any amazing places you’ve been to! (In need of some inspo for next summer)


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