Mountain Manic

So, on a family holiday in the lakes, and we decide why don’t we climb Helvellyn.. with the pooch. Now a mountain is hard enough, but a mountain with a dog is literally a whole new level. Deffo do not recommend.

Despite near death experiences, throwing the dog in a 100m gap, and having a horrible chest infection, it was a marvellous day lol. Plus we got lovely weather, which meant amazing pictures – after all, have you really climbed a mountain if you don’t get that ‘at the peak pic’? I don’t think so.

All 6 of us (including pooch) set of early morning and by the end of the day there was only 4. Sadly we lost the elderly (parents) at, not even the start of Helvellyn, as my dad was basically having a heart attack, but he was obviously fine to sit in the pub sinking pints with my mum whilst we continued the climb. Typical. So, that drama over, we got to Helvellyn and it was AMAZING. We honestly couldn’t have picked a better day to climb one of the best mountains in the Lakes.

Around 2/3 hours in, we reached the mountain top! The views were breathtaking. However, the drop was terrifying, literally 90 degree angle, and you know what, these little sheepys were actually grazing on it! Insane. On top we whipped out our sandwiches and enjoyed the view, with of course little poochy hassling everyone and everything.

I guess I’d be lying if I said we didn’t have a mini photoshoot – just had to be done, so here are some of the photos…

Mountain Manic
You can tell who the sensible ones are….
Mountain Manic
Mid-mountain view
Mountain Manic
Mountain Manic
<3 too (before u get jealous roxy)
Mountain Manic
The money shot – yes we took a dog on this.
Mountain Manic
Poochy poo and I

In total we tackled the mountain in about 5 hours, which was 2 hours shorter than expected. I must say without Al I’m 1000% sure it would have taken at least double the time and probably would have ended in a call to search and rescue – you can always count on Al.

Finally rejoining the elderly at the bottom we had a drink in the local pub and went home to collapse. I have honestly never been as exhausted but it was definitely a massive high. If you are in the Lake District I highly recommend it, and I’m sure I’ll be back to complete some more mountaineering – probably without the pooch.

Thanks for reading and double thanks for getting to the bottom! New post on Sunday so make sure to subscribe!


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