My Mini Haul


Today was a good day. I got beasted at the gym, and then went shopping where I spent money I don’t have on things I don’t need.

So, lets begin..

Haul item no.1 – Mac Eyeshadows

Here’s some cute pics of the Mac eyeshadows I got, which I am in LOVE with: the colour, the pigment, the packaging!! Need I say more? The shades from left to right are; Carbon, Smokey Mauve, and Beauty Marked. A great quality product which last ages. And yes, I too, noticed that my Beauty Marked eyeshadow is cracked (cry), however I only noticed once home, and the temptation not to try it was too hard to resist.

Haul item no.1

Haul item no.1

Haul item no.2 – Rimmel Lipsticks

Next up; Lipsticks. I bought Rimmel’s; 380 Dark Night Waterl-00ps (left), and the 260 shade Amethyst Shimmer.

It was my first time buying Rimmel lipsticks and initially I was rather impressed. They were very moisturising, as you’d expect, and the colour pigmentataion was rather good. However, neither are very long lasting, which although is annoying as you have to keep reapplying, what can you expect for only paying a few pounds for one.

I have heard the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks are meant to be amazing, so I will go give them a try and get back to you with a comparative review on the formula and colour pay off etc.

Haul item no.2
Excuse the nails!

Haul item no.3 – Butter Nail Polish

Once seeing this product it was love at first sight, and the multi-coloured sparkles.. I mean, how could I say no? This is an expensive product but it’sĀ amazing quality and lasts ages WITHOUT chipping (dream come true lol). Perfect for those summer nights, and super handy for festival season – a colour I’m sure no one will have but everyone will notice.

I would definitely recommend this brand (Butter), although slightly more expensive than usual, you most definitely notice a difference in quality, wear and even the packaging (some have super cute bows on heeee). Also, how cutes the website?!

In the shade; Lovely Jubbly.

Haul item no.4 – Lush Bath Bomb

I guess you can’t really have a haul without a Lush product. So, I mean, I kinda had to buy a Lush product, right?

This bomb is space themed named; Intergalactic, and I am beyond excited to try it, containing popping candy and a intergalactic 80’s rouge scent. Gurl go buy.

UPDATE: tried it. Amazing. You could literally hear all the popping candy in the bath! Plus the colours were just SO cute. I wish I got a photo for you but I just couldn’t wait lol, soz not soz. But yes, this is a need!!

Haul item no.4

So, that’s that for today, and I guess I didn’t break the bank but not my wisest decision considering I’m meant to be ‘saving’ lol.

Anywhoooo, thank you so much for reading and I hoped you enjoyed! Let me know what you thought of the post and if you have any requests…

P.S. still bored? Lemme show you my cutest summer OOTD yet


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