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Netflix has to be one of the best things I’ve ever got, I don’t know about you but I literally spend so much of my life on there lol . Therefore I thought it was a must that I fill you in on my top 5 series to watch, as you know, can’t have you missing out and what not.

No.1 – Gossip Girl

Gossip girl will forever hold a place in my heart for 2 reasons, Chuck Bass and Chuck Bass. At first he’s super ugly but you gotta just wait – patience.¬†Apart from that, this series just keeps you on your toes, it’s not predictable and you’ll have the biggest shock ever when you find out who Gossip girl is, deffo a must watch.

No.2 – How to get away with murder

I started this 4 days ago and have finished both seasons already, now if that doesn’t say something then I don’t know what does. The show is about a lawyer and her four chosen law students who work for her, and basically there’s a bunch of murders and you think you know who did it but you really don’t until the last episode and my god, SUCH a twist.

No.3 – Dexter

I LOVE detective programmes. Though this is one not for the faint hearted, hence why it’s rated 18. Dexter is basically a serial killer who works for the police department but the people he kills are serial killers, so it kinda makes it okay. Just watch, you’ll love.

No.4 – Pretty Little Liars (obvs)

Cliche I know, but you can’t not have this in your top 5 Netflix series.

No.5 – 24

This is just amazing. It is the most intense series I’ve ever watched, and I lurrrrv the fact it’s in real time. I’m not even asking, you neeeeed to watch this.

Well, that’s that for today, thanks for reading and I hope I don’t ruin your social lives too much lol. Find out what I’ve been up to this summer¬†here – other than binging on Netflix, of course..


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